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Residential Rental Application Form

You may apply either 1. online or 2. on paper:

1. Please click here to fill out a residential application online;

2. Please click here to download Residential Rental Application form.

After downloading, fill out the application and fax or email it to us.

Fax number: 404 963 5231                  Email:

 Application Fees and Requirement

The application fee is $35 for the first adult (over 18) and $15 for every adult resident after that. So the charge for two adults will be $50. The fee is non-refundable, whether you are accepted or rejected. Please be careful to enter the correct information as errors may result in report with no results. Even in that case we cannot return your fee, as we cannot get a refund from the application processing company. Please make double sure that the information you provide is accurate.

Please provide all requested information. Though we are happy to discuss your application, we will be not be able to give you guarantees that your application will be accepted prior to processing the application.

In addition, we will require a copy of your identification (driver’s license, State ID, military ID, passport) and proof of income. These documents are not required at the time the application is submitted, only by the time the lease is signed.

Rental Criteria

We attempt to treat each application individually and recognize that there are many variables involved in predicting a successful rental relationship. We therefore do not have strict criteria that make or break the deal for us. We take the information we are given and try to make the best decision we can. We comply with the Federal Fair Housing Act and do not consider race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, familial status and national origin in our decision.

The following are the guidelines we follow.

The first and foremost criterion for us is rental history. Under this heading, we look at rental stability (how often have you moved), a record of on time rental payments and dispossessory filing at court houses. More recent information counts more than older information. For example: a 5 year old eviction will not count for much, if the applicant has had a good rental payment history since that eviction.

We reserve the right to contact the applicant’s prior landlord(s) and frequently check whether the landlord listed on the application is indeed the applicant’s prior landlord. Obviously, false information on the application is compelling grounds for rejection.

Secondly, we look at employment and income. Though we do not have a strict formula as to how much income is required, we obviously require that the applicant has enough income to be able to afford the rental unit under consideration. In addition, we look at quality and stability of employment.

By filing an application the rental applicant acknowledges that Lili Properties, Inc. has a right to contact the applicant’s current or previous employer.

Thirdly, we look at the applicant’s credit scores, though we do not heavily rely on this criterion. We have found that many individuals with poor credit scores nevertheless pay their rental payments. In addition, we do not consider collections on medical bills. Credit reports provided by applicants will not be considered.

We also look at the applicants’ criminal histories. We reserve the right to reject felons for that reason alone. 

Processing Time

We do our utmost to process applications as soon as possible. We normally can provide an answer in one business day. For borderline applicants, additional time to more carefully consider the criteria may be required. Another factor that may delay our response is the inability to contact your references.